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A little bit of crochet

I have had a go at some fine crochet for the first time. I picked up a really pretty variegated ball of Katia Jaipur mercerised cotton (whites, pinks and mauves) and a 1.75mm Clover crochet hook.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this, so I hunted though some old crochet books my mum gave me to use. I found this one…

I found a pet tern inside for a small doily and got started. The Clover hook definitely made it easier. I have some old fine hooks but there is no way I’d have been able to use them as easily as this. I decided to modify the final row as I didn’t like that row of the pattern and how it looked.

It still needs to be blocked and the yellow lights tonight have changed the colours a bit, but I am really happy with my first ever doily!! I love that the colours give it a more contemporary feel.

Now I just have to work out how best to block it out to get the shape right.


New granny square blanket

This blanket has taken me way too long to complete. It started out as a stash buster and ended up needing more yarn than planned, increasing my stash rather than busting it.

The 8 single colour squares is where it started, with the light green surround and then a single row of dark green double (UK) crochet. I loved the look of the squares with the two greens, and got completely stuck trying to work out what colour to put around them. I created the central square with all of the colours to anchor them together, but still couldn’t see what colour would work and I really wanted to keep the dark green.

When I was writing short stories, I was told to ‘kill your darlings,’ in other words, just because you like it a lot it doesn’t mean it works. So the dark green had to go.

With a new, fresh look at the squares I knew what I wanted to do. From then on the work went quickly. Granny square blankets don’t really take ages to make but this one felt like it took years. In real time hours, it probably took two to three weeks. I started the squares back in January! The final row around the outside is crab stitch which gives a lovely finish to the blanket. I’m not a scallop gal, plain, simple and a bit contemporary for me.

I was going to donate this or give it away, but now I think I will keep it. I can’t keep every blanket, but some are special. And my daughter wants it too… I’ll see about that!
Now I am really working on a stash busting blanket…

Same colours, simple pattern. I will make some lap blankets and donate them to a local craft group where the funds they make from selling these will go towards charity projects in the local area. These are good to do when I sit down at night after dinner and put my feet up for a while. A few rows at a time and it will be completed very quickly.

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Mixed Media Girl, part 2

In my last post I included a pencil outline of the girl I am working on in mixed media collage. This week at class I started adding colour and some paper collage.

It was a really interesting process. Using water soluble crayons in three colours I coloured in the background. Then I added a layer of slightly watered down gesso to activate the crayons. The colours were too vibrant and needed to be pushed back a little, so I added a thicker gesso and blended the colours until they almost turned pastel. It was interesteing to see what happened to the vibrant yellow/orange, crimson and purple once the gesso did it’s work on them.

The face was done the same way, only it was one colour at a time. A pale skin pink, followed by small amounts of an orange and a rust brown and inbetween each colour a coat of gesso working the colours to liquid from crayon.

I only managed to get the first colour for the hair on with a quick coat of gesso. I look forward to seeing how the hair turns out once the other colours are added.


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Playing at Art Class

Have had some fun in the last couple of weeks at my BF2C art class.

Created a faux stained glass painting using hot glue and oil pastels…


We worked on this to break up the time spent in our H2O journal. We also started  a simple 4 page journal (A3) for which I have done the initial drawing…


Before I start working on this I thought I would have a play with this style of drawing and use the water soluble wax crayons to test out how best to use them…


I need to play with them to get the blending a bit smoother so not so many dark lines around the face.

I also found time over the weekend to do some sketches in my personal journal of bees…


It is the first time in ages I have sat down and sketched or painted on the weekend. I even got some chores done before I sat down! Time to cook dinner though now, so have to put the paints away. Awwwww!!!! lol

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H2O Journal contined

Class again this week and it was fun. Mostly because I learnt how to bind a journal together using coptic stitch (I think that’s right).

Coptic binding 1_web

The stitch looks great and was quite easy to learn. I want to try this and make a few other journals in different sizes.

I also fixed the front and back cover to reduce the amount of paint on them so they look more distressed than badly painted!

Once I finished binding it was onto the next exercise, but first, to finish up the colour palette page for the wax pastels

wax pastels update_web

The new exercise this week was to use Aqua colour markers. Tania brought in a small plate and some fresh strawberries and I was to draw with the markers straight onto the page, no sketching first.

2016 Jun 02_web

It sort of looks like a plate of strawberries. Not my favourite medium, but I can’t rule them out until I’ve tried them some more.

And in a side note, I have seen this fantastic photo of a dog that I want to draw with pastels. Haven’t felt inspired for a while so hopefully I can get some time to work on that.