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List of Lasts

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Found this list on another blog and thought it interesting. Haven’t been into lists much but, what the heck…

Last Book Read: Souls in the Great Machine by Sean McMullen (Australian author). Met him at Magic Casements (SF Writers Festival held at the NSW Writer’s Centre). He was on a panel and I was interested in his writing after hearing him speak. A really good book. Very detailed, but worth reading.

Last Live Music Show Seen: How embarassing – I can’t remember it has been so long. I’ve seen comedians and plays but live music? Oh, no, even more embarassing, it was David Cassidy! Went with a girlfriend who was a big fan and had been since The Partridge Family. But it was a fun night, watching all the middle-aged groupies fawning at the stage. Sad though that the ticket sales were so low. They had to curtain off part of the Sydney Entertainment Centre so it didn’t look so empty.

Last CD Purchased: 50 Favourite Australian Nursery Rhymes Vol 2. We needed a new selection so that it takes longer to play the same song again in the car. K. loves her music.

Last Thing Cooked: Bacon and Eggs on toast for breakfast. I know it is Good Friday and all that but it is also the first long weekend for a while.

Last New Thing Eaten: The white part of the shallots. I grew up eating only the green part of the shallot and tossing the rest out. Watching cooking shows they cut the white spring onion part up and cook with it. Much lighter flavour than onion.

Last Thing Bought: Handmade magazine so I can look at all the beautiful things that I will never get around to making.

Last Gift Received: The first 3 seasons of The Vicar of Dibley on DVD. Pete found them on special and thought of me. So a nice un-birthday present.

Last Piece of Clothing Bought or Received as a Gift: A couple of winter tops.

Last Embarrassing Experience: K. saying to her Granny – “I’ve got a looney granny”

Last Totally New Experience: Childbirth, breastfeeding, no PMT for 25 months (the best experience of all!), etc. Seeing my child climb on and off the rocking horse on her own for the first time, and seeing her face light up when she realised what she had done. With a child around there are a lot of new experiences, for us as well as her.

Last Foreign Country Visited, if any: New Zealand, 2003. My husband and I had a 3 week holiday one year after my left knee replacement. I was able to walk out along the river bed to the Franz Josef Glacier and back, something I could never have done before the knee operation. We came back home and decided to try to have our first child.

Last New Bird Seen: A Wattle Bird in one of the shrubs in the neighbours yard. It was making such a noise, so went to check it out. My step mother was with me and was able to tell me what it was.

Last Big Achievement: My daughter. But also tied for first place in the NSW Writer’s Centre SF Flash Fiction Competition in 2005. The story was then printed in the newsletter for the Infinitas Bookshop, who sponsored the comp, and on their website, and then a request came from a SF newsletter in Israel to reprint it in their newsletter. So a pretty good achievement from one 500 word story. (If you want to read it you can go to http://www.infinitas.com.au and check out Stories. Look for the story ‘We Have the Technology’.

Last Apology Owed: To my husband, because when I get tired I get a tiny bit scratchy, and I was pretty tired last night when K. did not go to sleep until after 10pm.

And no, I haven’t run out of things to say. At least, not yet.


Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

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