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Centennial Park Adventure

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K. and I went to visit Hubby’s cousin Leonie for the day on Friday.

She has been house sitting for a friend in Woollahra and suggested we go for a walk to Centennial Park. K. loves being outside and loves parks so it was a good idea.

K. walked the three blocks up Ocean Street to the Woollahra gates entrance and we entered the park. We walked past the area where they have the Open Air Cinema set up and then down the hill towards the kiosk and kids play area. K. chased pigeons, said hello to a German Shepherd and in the shade of a large tree we stopped and sat on a bench for morning tea. She bent and inspected some tracks left by horses hooves and then ran across the green open space to the kids swings. There were quite a few other kids there when we got there, so we decided to buy some food and drinks and sit in the shade for lunch. By the time we had finished eating, the swing was clear so K. could have her swing.

After swinging, we headed up the hill through the paper bark trees and Moreton Bay fig trees to the Paddington gates.

K. was getting pretty tired by now and we walked fairly slowly. I ended up carrying her part of the way to speed things up a bit. We walked down Queen Street back to Ocean Street (via a Gelato cup stop) and back to the flat, where K. had some quiet time in Leonie’s bed before we left to drive home and miss the traffic.

We were out for about 3 hours and K. just kept going. She’s like the Duracell Bunny that never stops. I think she would have fallen flat on her face asleep than stop and admit to being tired.

This Moreton Bay Fig tree was on the way up the hill to the Paddington Gates. These are the most amazing trees.
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One thought on “Centennial Park Adventure

  1. Those trees! They’re stunning!

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