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Kitten update 3

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I’m not sure if this is all the 6 kittens or if I have doubled up – there are two that are very alike. Mama cat went for a bit of a walk in the yard today and left me with the kittens which is why I was able to get some good photos. She also climbed onto my lap for a pat today, so she is becoming friendlier. She hasn’t hissed at me since the very first day, which is a good sign.

So the next two photos are either the same cat or the two that look similar. Have to work this out!

Here is Scaredy cat again, once again the last to come out of hiding. This kitten has a real tabby coloured head but a soft grey coat on the rest of its body – really pretty.

This is intrepid kitten, he’ll have a go at anything, but still a bit wary of us. He’s usually one of the first to start feeding with mum.

This is the first kitten to be named. This is Button. K. chose the name. It is the first kitten to try out the food bowl, and it has come back everytime since, even having a go at the kitten biscuits I put out today. This one is explorer cat, too busy looking at all the new stuff to go and feed with mum, usually one of the last to latch on. Happy to be patted and have a bit of a play with us.

This is the all black kitten, a little bit smaller than the other kittens I think, so we’ll keep an eye on this one.

Some friends dropped by last night to see the kittens and a very proud mama cat came out and allowed herself to be patted by everyone, and one of the kittens was picked up and held for the first time.


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