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Kitten update 15

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We weighed the kittens tonight – they are all 1kg or a bit over, which means it is time to say goodbye to 4 of them. We are all quite sad about this as they have been so much fun (and a lot of work – which won’t be missed!) and we have to choose two to keep.

The choice has been easier than we thought. Button has been a keeper from early on as K. chose him, but he is also quite people oriented, and has curled up on a lap for a sleep and plays happily with us where some of the other kittens shy away still.

Button hiding in the hedge

Raindrop, one of the twins, is the other choice. Initially we thought about keeping Oscar but he is very skittish around us and is a greedy little thing. Raindrop on the other hand is very friendly, will come up to us for a pat, even curving his body for a rub as he walks past you, and has curled up on laps or next to us for a nap and is always happy for a pat unless he’s playing madly.

Raindrop very happy to be inside

Lollipop is beautiful but we can’t keep three. If we did, she would be the other keeper.

Lollipop playing in the empty pots on the back verandah

We had family staying for a few days, which disrupted the cats a bit. Honey was quite moody and took a swipe at three of us (not the kids thank goodness), but she is settling down again. I think she has weaned the kittens as her tummy has shrunk a bit (she still eats quite a bit). She’s been quite affectionate since the family left.

Here are some photos to catch up with some of the kittens before they go.

Smudge and Raindrop in the garden. The kittens love to play under the mandarine tree nowadays and have a cat run down behind all the shrubs against the fence. When playing they bolt up and down the run chasing and pouncing on each other.

Asleep under the mandarine tree

Honey on the lawn whilst the kittens play in the garden. She caught her second rat the other night – and brought it home for us to see. Yuck!

Oscar is certainly a lovely looking cat

Oscar at full sprint – love this photo even though blurry


Smudge again – too cute!

Button and Raindrop playing in the loungeroom. Raindrop is dragging himself along the bottom of the couch, a favourite pastime for all of the kittens!

Oscar, Raindrop and Gumdrop

Button and Oscar – Button has worked out that being up on one of K’s chair has advantages


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