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Here’s where I’m up to…


Thanks to the Meet Me at Mike’s blog for this idea. Pip uses this every now and again to share what’s happening, and I really like it. So here goes…

Watching :: The Amazing Race
Reading :: The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir (I just finished reading her book on Eleanor of Aquitaine and it was fab)
Making :: a scarf out of the remnants from the cotton dishcloths I knitted for all my family and last Christmas (and have just recieved some new cottons to make new/replacement dishcloths for everyone again this year!)
Eating :: Chocolate and Iced Vovos for supper with a cup of hot Milo
Feeling :: Tired and ready to go to sleep as it’s nearly 11pm, but also happy as I finished the greyhound painting tonight at art class
Thinking :: that Christmas is coming a tad too soon for my liking (bought some Xmas cards today)
Hoping :: I have a good day tomorrow even though it is chore day
Wondering :: if I can create a really great newsletter for my local art & crafts group (I volunteered)
Hearing :: the bath running
Liking :: the box of pooki that arrived today from Catch of the Day – I blame hubby for this one.
Wanting :: a clean desk (but that won’t happen unless I include it in chore day tomorrow!)
Playing :: with the cats. Whenever I sit down at the PC now, one of them appears out of nowhere to claim my lap.
Wishing :: it wasn’t school holidays next week, but also glad it is
Enjoying :: lamingtons from the new bakery that just opened a few minutes down the road
Coveting :: a pastel carrying case from the US which I would love for my birthday – hint hint


Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

2 thoughts on “Here’s where I’m up to…

  1. we DO need replacement dishcloths, thank you!

  2. Glad to see you are placing your order early 🙂 as I'll need to factor in post time. What colours this time? or aren't you fussy?

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