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School holidays almost over… and the year ahead

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I seem to have disappeared into the vast sunny days that are summer school holidays, which is very strange considering how long it is since I was in school. But K. starts school in two weeks so I have made the most of the free time with her until that important day. Painting has taken a back seat until 3rd Feb.

There is no dedicated space in my home in which I can paint. As I use pastels, I don’t like the idea of spreading pastel dust all over everything and into the air-con. None of us needs to inhale pastel dust unnecessarily. Once school goes back, so too do my art classes at My local art group where I can make use of a really great work space, and a great tutor. This year, with a little more time up my sleeve, I’m going to take a pottery class, just to see what it is like to get my hands into some clay. I’ve already shown I like to get my hands dirty with pastel dust, so why not a little clay too?!

The best thing about being an artist is that I can plan my time around K’s school holidays as much as possible. I do feel some guilt that I haven’t done any painting since before Christmas, but that is mostly because I wanted to have more paintings ready for the shows that are coming up at the beginning of this year. The local show is on 19-21 February, with another a week or so after that, and if I want to enter anything in the Easter Show I have to have my entry form in next week.

In preparation for the art shows, today I visited The Art Scene in West Ryde to get 5 pictures framed. Their framers are fantastic – always really helpful. Two paintings I just had framed in stock frames so they can be removed after the shows – they won’t be for sale (Amy the greyhound painting is for a friend, and my self portrait was an exercise rather than a painting to go on the wall – but both can go into the Local show, as I don’t have to sell paintings that go into that show). The Highland Cow will go into Another Show as will either my painting of Lake Phewa or the Canoes (which I am thinking will be called ‘Anticipation’ – many thanks Karen! – unless I come up with something I like better). The 5th picture was one for K, that was given to her at the end of ‘The Queen of Colours’ performance – it will finally go on the wall.

I met another pastel artist at the Art Scene today. I always really enjoy meeting other painters who love pastels. She had a beautiful portrait of a terrier and a portrait of a man, both done on Canson, which were really delicately done. Another good thing about getting worked framed is that you get to see others work as well! I’m going to have to find out if there is a pastel society in NSW – I’d love to spend more time with other pastel artists.

In the future, there are two art shows in May that I have to prepare paintings for, and I want to set up my art blog, separate from this one which includes everything creative. I am going to learn watercolour this year (or at least the fundamentals), so that I can incorporate that into my pastels if I wish or, if I have any skill with it at all, paint a few watercolours as a change from pastel. At least I will be able to work at home with watercolour which is partly why I have asked to learn it this year. A workspace, not too large, with good light will be all I’ll need.

All this, along with my commitment to prepare my art group’s Newsletter each quarter, and K’s first year at school, will keep me busy this year.


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Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

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