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Abandoned – WIP#3 (Old Car Pastel Painting)


Filled in quite a bit of the background today and that is looking pretty good – still some tidying up to do and a bit more to add in the windscreen area of the car.
Still need to fix the twisted radiator – I’ll need to sit down and have a good look at my reference and work out why it is looking so curved and not sitting quite right. (Didn’t feel like doing that today – wanted to get some more colour on the paper). Maybe getting the tones right on the headlamps will make a difference too. It’s amazing how just using the right colours/tones can make something sit right in a painting – that it is not the shape of a subject but the colours you place on them that make them three dimensional.
I’m enjoying painting this old car, even if the measuring was a chore. And I’m not going to let that radiator beat me!

Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

3 thoughts on “Abandoned – WIP#3 (Old Car Pastel Painting)

  1. I like this painting. I always tell my drawing students to really look at the object they are drawing. It is amazing how we let our mind take over for our eyes and draw what we think something is and not what is really there. I had an art professor who said draw it, redraw it and keep drawing it until it is right before the paint goes on…but I am impatient and I like to flatten things anyway. I like the point of view and the horizon line in your painting..very interesting. I might just check the ellipticals in the headlights..but as old as the truck is..they could just be out of alighnment anyway! I hope you don't mind my comments…I am in the habit of looking at everything as a teacher and not the artist…!! certainly if you see my work..I have no room to talk!

  2. Hi Kay, thank you very much for taking the time to comment. I certainly appreciate any and all comments as I am still learning about drawing and painting. I hadn't drawn since high school (I can't believe it was really 25 years ago!) and took up evening art classes 3 years ago. I haven't looked back!
    What you said is so right – for some reason I just can't see what is wrong with the way I have drawn the radiator. The ellipticals need some work for sure. I just got them basically drawn in and haven't really touched them since. I have put the painting aside for this week and will revisit it next week, hopefully with fresh eyes. I'm not going to let it beat me! I like this picture too much not to give it the best I can.

  3. oh yes..great idea…some paintings I do I want to keep looking for more to do and I have to turn them around and start something new. As for the snow…it is all gone here at my house. Spring storms melt fast! I am at almost 5000ft altitude so snow is a given. If I get a foot of snow the mountains get 3-5 feet! My oldest son loves to snowboard..he loves the snow..me not so much..but it is pretty to photograph…have a great day..have fun painting..

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