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I was reading an interesting post on Bumble Beans Inc.‘s blog about inspiration. Victoria is a quilter based in New York City – but it doesn’t matter who you are or where you live when it comes to what makes you create.

She talks about how her grandmother’s quilts inspired her. How others’ work will influence your own, and how others may criticise your creations and that we must never let that detract from our inspiration. Thanks, Victoria, for inspiring me to think about what influences the way or what I create!

Sometimes that inspiration will come from the world around us, sometimes from a pattern or picture that we would love the recreate in our chosen art or craft.

For me, as an artist, it is eyes. It has been said they are the windows to the soul, but I don’t think it is that which inspires me, though it would sound good, wouldn’t it?

The face shows expressions, sadness, happiness, anger and more, but it is the eyes that show us the truth of a person. There is a spark, a life, that comes through the eyes. When my daughter was born, her eyes were wide open looking around at the world from the very first moment – she hasn’t stopped taking it in since then. Her eyes spark when she laughs and smiles, or achieves something. If I can’t get the eyes right on a painting of a person or an animal, I know the painting won’t come together.I have painted landscapes and still lifes, cars and boats, but I am always drawn back to painting those eyes.

There are other inspirations in my creative life – I scrapbook, do family history, cross stitch and knit. I make funny faces out of food on my daughter’s plate. I make up stories for her at night and write them down so I can read them to her again and again without forgetting the important parts.  My family inspires me, colours inspire me, music can start me writing a story on scraps of paper. A flower in the garden, a broken urn in a cemetery, a gum nut caught in a crack int he concrete. Inspiration comes from many places.

What inspires you to create?


Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

3 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Well I just love this post Elaine and wow I sure agree!!
    I love your paintings and your style of painting and you know I love the eyes too!!
    …and like you inspiration comes from everywhere and especially fabric for me :p

    Beautiful work!!

  2. Inspiration is sometimes so ethereal and fleeting, and sometimes so overpowering that you just need to stop everything you are doing and just let her sweep you away. I feel that relationship inspires me: relationship with others, relationship with nature and objects, and ultimately how these relate to me. I think it has to do with action-reaction and how sensitive we chose to be to that ongoing process.
    Great post Elaine!

  3. Thanks for commenting Robyn and Valentina. And thanks for sharing how you are inspired!

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