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The first two weeks of Printmaking class have been fun as we have been making monoprints. Onto a small piece of acetate we rolled black ink. We then used the ends of brushes, rags, cotton buds to remove the ink to create prints onto paper.

The first weeks prints ( which were really just finding out how to make the monoprints) I haven’t photographed yet, but this week I have. Please excuse the quality of the photos, but I quickly snapped them while the prints were on the drying rack. I’ll take better pics once they are dry.


Print#1 ghost
Print#2 ghost
Print#3 ghost
Print #4
Print #4 ghost
Print #5
Print #5 ghost
Each print was created and then run through the press for the first print and then run through again (with less ink this time) to get the ghost print. Sometimes the ghost worked out better than the original print. 
I found that I prefer the ones that are not so defined, that haven’t got definite lines. These were created using cotton tips and rags to wipe away the ink on the acetate. The colour one didn’t work as the red/orange was the wrong colour for this print.
My favourite is #3 and then #1.  The theme for the work today was self-portrait, but it didn’t have to be a portrait of a face but rather something that was a story of self if we wanted. (My instructor also liked #3, which was really nice).
Printmaking is the opposite of the kind of work I do with pastels, which is usually quite detailed and precise in some ways. You can’t be precise with monoprints – I think that is why I like it so much.

Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

6 thoughts on “Monoprints

  1. super! Keep up the good work..these are all so fun!

  2. the figures seem very masculine, is that part of your idea or just part of getting used to the medium? I like the later ones too, easier to relate to the concept you explained to me and less easy to be distracted by 'fairy wings'!

  3. I think it is getting used to the medium and the need for life drawing classes! lol I wasn't worrying too much about the figure and how it looked just trying to get a figure. Also my drawings with lines were very simplistic and I didn't spend too much time on them – I wasn't trying to get them 'right'. I spend to much time trying to get things right, so this time I just went for it and didn't worry about the perfection. Also I was working on quite a small piece of acetate which also made a difference. I have purchased a larger piece to play with for next time, but I think we are moving to lino printing soon. And I just had fun.

  4. you can see a sense of fun in them, thats for sure. and what is 'right' anyway?

  5. Elaine, I'm so glad you are taking this course, and even more knowing that you are enjoying it! New ideas new techniques…sounds very exciting!

  6. Thanks Adriana. We went on an excursion today to see an exhibition of the Chinese Warrior statues, which was really interesting – so already being exposed to new and wonderful things!

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