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Drawing – Oil Pastels Landscape triptych – Complementary opposite colours

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Our latest project for drawing is once again in oil pastels but this time we are working in complementary opposites in Fauvist style. Each landscape will be around A1 size (or a whole sheet of Canson Mi-Teintes, for example). One landscape will be in Blue/Orange (on orange paper), Yellow/Purple (on purple paper) and Red/Green (on green paper).

Choosing the landscapes to use was difficult. The teacher said to look for pictures that have the complementary opposite colours already in them, so I spent quite a bit of time trawling the internet for examples, looking through calendars, etc, etc, finally finding one red/green picture that I really liked. Now, because it is a triptych each picture has to relate to another, the main thing in the picture I loved was a stairway in a garden. Now that is not really a landscape but I loved that picture and wanted to do it, so I had to find two other pictures that included outdoor steps. I found them, but I still wasn’t happy. I started working on one of them – the Blue/Orange combination – and spent about an hour in class working on it.

As you can see I had completed a fair amount of it in the time in class, but I still wasn’t sure. During class last week, our usual teacher was away and she has quite definite ideas about what a landscape is, and I am pretty sure this really doesn’t fit the bill. I like it, and I will probably finish it as well, but I decided this morning, just before starting to work on it, to start again.

And luckily, the three pictures came together reasonably quickly. I already had one of them in the photos I had previously collected.

So this is the Blue/Orange landscape I chose instead. I have used mostly blue and orange oil pastels. The only inclusion that sort of creeps out of the bracket is a dark pink. All the greens are a combination of blue and orange, which has worked really well. I still have quite a bit to do to this, but I’m much happier working on this one for this project.

But I will complete the stair case pictures. I want to see where they go – lol


Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

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