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A little visit with Picasso

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Took the train into the city to see the Picasso Exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW with some of the gals from my course.We are currently waiting to pick up all our work after assessment (this Friday) so decided to go together to the exhibition  before the completion of our course.

(from Art Gallery of NSW)

I have never been drawn to Picasso’s work, and I have to admit that hasn’t changed after today, but I do respect his ability and wonder at how he came to create the work he did – what drove him to develop his work towards cubism?

The Exhibition is beautifully organised. Whilst waiting for our entry time, a film was shown of Picasso painting on a clear perspex(?) screen, creating simple paintings of figures and animals, flowers in a vase. It was wonderful to watch his confidence and almost impish grin as he painted. There were also a collection of personal photographs to peruse while we waited.

The timed entry is great. I remember seeing the Monet exhibition a few years ago and it wasn’t timed entry – that exhibition was so crowded. But this wasn’t. There were a lot of people, but there was room to move and to get up close to the works, and also to stand back a distance from some of them and view them as they needed to be seen for full effect.

There are many drawings, etchings, paintings and sculptures spread throughout the ten rooms of the exhibition, covering some of Picasso’s earliest through to his last works. Simple line drawings, large expressive paintings, textured bronzes, small detailed, exquisite paintings, lots of colour and muted, almost monochromatic works. There were many portraits, some finely detailed, others that looked so unlike faces, with broad strokes and broken features.  Brushstrokes that went in every direction, strong bold lines, and fine ink details in preparatory sketches.

I think we are very lucky to have been able to have such a comprehensive exhibition come to Australia. The Exhibition is well worth visiting if you are in Sydney.


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