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Ceramics: Cat Workshop

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Today I attended one day of a two day workshop where our tutor, Susan Jorgensen was going to cover making cats and making jewellery. Seems like a strange mix, but some of us wanted to do one and some the other, so we made it work for us!

Susan demonstrated building the cat body using coils and did a quick demo of building the cat’s face for those of use that could onl attend teh workshop for one day.
I wasn’t building a traditional cat sculpture. I took a photo of one of our kittens a couple of years ago. It was sitting in a terracotta pot on our verandah and you could only just see the kitten’s head – it looked so cute, so I decided to do that today as it should come together pretty quickly.

This is the bowl as it stood just before lunch break. This is coil built.

After lunch, I added a rim (and forgot to take a picture of course!). Suzy did the demo of the cat’s face about an hour before the end of the day, and in the half hour left of class I set to work…

Working pretty quickly, I set to and made two pinch pots, joined them together and started moulding the features. Then I popped the ears on and this is where I had to stop. Still quite a bit of clean up to do and some minor adjustments which I will do next week. This is all wrapped up now to keep it moist until I can get back to it. (You can see the pot with its rim on in the background).

And then I will just have to build a coil inside the pot to attach the head to and it will be done.

I’m thinking I will carve some of the tabby markings into the surface of the head and use copper wash to darken the grooves giving that typical tabby pattern, but I’ll have to think about it.



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