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Murgatroyd the Owl


Okay, so I did find time today to make another owl. Just finished it.

Murgatroyd the Owl_webThis looks a bit like a mugshot, doesn’t it? Night time here so no natural light and the pin board was an ideal place to hang her.

I have made a couple of minor modifications to the pattern, mostly the wings at this stage. I love that she looks a little flustered with her wings raised. I added an extra round of single crochet (or double here in Oz) and then stitched two lines up the wings to give it a look of feathers (or the nearest facsimile I could create with my messy hand sewing). The body is all the magenta colour on the back. I like the look of the solid colour and instead of stitching the body together I crocheted it together with single crochet, which gives it a different look. I’m sure there will be more changes as I work on more of these.

She is made in some Peaches & Creme worsted weight cotton that I had in my stash. Not too many colours of that left, as it is now unavailable, so I’m having fun using it all up.

My daughter has laid claim to this one, and to the next 5 I make! I have to make different size ones too so she can have a family of them. She doesn’t ask for much does she! I’m going to become known as the crazy owl lady if I’m not careful.

Don’t worry, there’ll be more art on here soon not just my crazy crafty addictions.

PS. Murgatroyd is my 600th post to my blog. I can’t believe I have been creating enough to put up that many posts!


Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

6 thoughts on “Murgatroyd the Owl

  1. I love your quirky ideas, it shows imagination.From Sheila Wiltshire. Ex Blacktown Arts and Craft member (moved to South Australia to live in the historic town of Moonta)I love to read your “tit bits”. It keeps me in touch with the Blacktown Group.

    • Hi Sheila, lovely to hear from you. Glad you have found my blog. Do you have the link to the BACG blog? Let me know if you don’t and I’ll give it to you. I was down at the huts the other day working on my pastel painting. Everyone is working hard – they are starting a new quilt design with Nicole this week I think. We are gearing up for the Show – it’s early this year.
      Comeback and visit my blog anytime!

      • Thank you Elaine for your help, I don’t know how to get to the BACG blog, It would be wonderful to keep up with the group.
        I do love your Kookaburra, keep up the good work, you have given me an inspiration to go back to pastels.

      • Sheila, The BACG blog is at http://bacginc.blogspot.com

        I maintain it, but I am dependent upon everyone giving me info. There is also a Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, just search for Blacktown Arts & Crafts.
        I haven’t touched my pastels for quite a while and I was getting real hankering to use them, and to do an animal. I’ve never seen any of your pastels or paintings, Sheila. I’d love to see some sometime.
        Regards, Elaine

  2. LOVE the name Murgatroyd 🙂 enjoying the owls, I am a huge owl fan myself, I study photos from photographers who live in the area and get fabulous shooting opportunities with great envy. Very cute and creative, I am sure they will be well received.

    Congrats on the 600th post, I am just over a third of the way there 🙂

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