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Weekend Away: Tuncurry / Forster NSW


My family and I spent the weekend about 4 hours drive up the coast from Sydney at Tuncurry. Tuncurry is a twin town with Forster, the two only separated by the bridge over Wallis Lake. It is a great place for family holidays with lots of great beaches within very close proximity to both towns and is a popular for fishing as well.

TuncurryThis photo is taken from the break wall that marks the entrance to Wallis Lake, looking back towards Tuncurry.

I have spent many holidays in Tuncurry. My parents bought a holiday place there when I was very young and we spent time there in almost every summer holiday since then (I’m not going to admit how many years!)

Main Beach, ForsterMain Beach, Forster

Nine Mile Beach, TuncurryNine Mile Beach, Tuncurry – this beach is just on the northern side of the Tuncurry break wall. The slightly odd light in the foreground is due to the fact that this was taken at 6.45am and the lights along the breakwall were still on as the sun hadn’t quite risen yet.

A very good friend of mine has family in Forster. He now lives in Germany, but returned to Australia for a few weeks. My only chance to really catch up with him was this weekend, so we packed up and headed up the coast on Friday afternoon.

Here we are in Autumn and the temps this weekend were in the high twenties – low thirties (Celcius that is) and it was extremely humid. This is not meant to be summer still! So we headed to the beach early morning and late afternoon, and spent a lot of time eating and talking in between.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the weekend:

I was up early on Saturday morning, so left the family at home and took a walk along the breakwall to catch the sunrise…

Sunrise, Forster

The colour in the sky was different in every photo I took, even if taken within a few seconds

Pink sunriseTuncurry BreakwallWaves_2 Waves_3 Waves Pink sunriseSunrise at the Breakwall Sunrise Nine Mile Beach, TuncurryMorning clouds

Near the breakwall is the Tuncurry Rock Pool, a favourite place to take kids to swim

Rock Pool from Forster Breakwall

This was taken from the Forster breakwall looking towards the Rock Pool, with Tuncurry township behind it

Rock Pool Kiosk

Rock Pool Kiosk

The Rock Pool, Tuncurry Swimmers

Every third Saturday, the Tuncurry Markets are held in a park next to  the bridge. We were lucky enough this time to be there on that weekend – I usually miss the markets.

Gourds Plants Glass

On Saturday evening we drove to One Mile Beach, Forster. There is a rainforest walk that leads to the beach, and when my daughter learnt there was a large sand dune at the beach she wanted to visit. It had been really hot all day, so at 5pm it was lovely and cool to walk along the beach.

On the beachThe sand dune is at the northern end of the beach. The waves are much rougher at One Mile Beach than Main Beach.

Sand duneSand Dune_2

Sand Dune_1 Beach Fishing Moon rise


My daughter spotted the little guy in this photo – can you find him?



Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Away: Tuncurry / Forster NSW

  1. What beautiful photos Elaine! Those beaches and those pumpkins are screaming out to be pastel paintings!

    Loved the little crab!

  2. Just love these photos!
    There are definitley some artworks in waiting here 🙂

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