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Western Sydney Parklands

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One afternoon last week, we decided to go and explore some walking tracks in a part of the Western Sydney Parklands not too far from home.

The Parklands stretch for 27 kilometres from Quakers Hill to Leppington, forming a corridor of green in our Western Suburbs. The Parklands Trust are developing the areas to make then family friendly, and also great areas to exercise.

The area we visited also has a dog park to run your dogs off their leads. It was too dark by the time we got back to that part of the area to take pictures, but I have taken a couple.

WS Parklands_2These were taken about 4pm. Our days are getting shorter and colder now (finally!) and it was quite cool.

WS Parklands_3All the tracks have been prepared for walking and riding which is great, but we were pretty much the only ones there at this time in the afternoon, except for a few dog owners, giving their dogs a run.

WS Parklands_4This part of the parklands is quite near a residential development (a new one) and the people living there have an access walkway. How great to call this your backyard.

WS Parklands_1There was a small area that led to a bird hide. I really liked the shadows in these trees and thought I’d try them in black and white.

Seed podsDon’t ask me what these seed pods are on – I have no idea. It’ll be an Australian native, at least I know that much! 🙂

I’ve been to a few other areas of the Parklands, now I’ll have to go and discover some more.





Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

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