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Photos from my Car

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I’ve been spending a lot of time in my car of late, running around to help my mum as she can’t drive for 6 months. Sometimes when I’m sitting at lights or waiting at a cross road, I see things that I wish I could photograph – very rarely do I get the chance to take a photo when I’m at the wheel. But twice in the last week I was held up at lights and a train cross road and grabbed out my camera to capture an image I thought could be worth it.

From the car_1I didn’t even get the time to roll down the window for this one but I kind of like the ghost effect in it – it mirrors the water marks on the concrete. I was drawn to the lines in the space under the motorway.

From the car_2I was waiting at a train crossing (a long wait) but wished I’d framed this a little better and got more of the tree in it – I know I can find this spot again but whether I’ll be able to stop in the exact spot again whilst the train crossing is closed is another thing. I did get to roll down the passenger window for this one … plenty of time. Once again this was about the lines but in a different way – clouds, branches, fence and landscape. This second photo I can probably use as a basis for a drawing.


Author: Elaine

Artist, writer, married, mother, living with Ankylosing Spondylitis and winning (most of the time). My creative impulses have led me to drawing, pastel painting, writing, handcrafts and photography.

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