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Fitzroy Falls NSW

Spent an afternoon at Fitzroy Falls, NSW, near Bowral. Cloudy day with patches of sunshine so it was pretty chilly at times. We’ll go back again when the weather is a bit warmer and explore some more.


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Sydney – Late Afternoon

We took our daughter into the city this weekend to see a kids show at the Sydney Opera House – Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain. What a hoot! Two actors on stage, multiple costume changes, 3-D, puppets, sing-a-longs and silly sound effects.

Due to work commitments we didn’t get much time in the city this time but I did manage to take a couple of shots around the Opera House. (Very cold – for Sydney that is – and glad to head home)

Fort DenisonFort Denison


SailingMore sails

Botanic GardensThere was a crowd in the Botanic Gardens even at almost 5pm on a cold and blustery day

Near the opera HouseI never knew there was a beach at the Opera House

BridgeTaken through the windscreen on the way home. I’m usually driving and have always wanted to try and take a shot of the Bridge like this.

All the pics were taken with my little pocket Canon Ixus 970 IS, still my favourite small camera ever!



Bushfire Sky in Sydney today

Another sad day in Sydney as homes have been lost to bushfires. When I finished work (about 4.30pm) today I came out to an eerie sky…

Bushfire Sky Oct 2013_1 Bushfire Sky Oct 2013_2and ten minutes later at home…

Bushfire Sky Oct 2013_3If I had turned and taken a photo in the opposite direction we had blue sky and bright sunlight.

The wind is so strong all the smoke and ash have been blown quickly towards the sea. Listening on the radio, people on the coast were getting ash and burnt leaves falling on them – they are such a long way from the Blue Mountains and beyond where the fires are burning.

My thoughts are with the fire fighters and the families affected by these fires.

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Photos from my Car

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my car of late, running around to help my mum as she can’t drive for 6 months. Sometimes when I’m sitting at lights or waiting at a cross road, I see things that I wish I could photograph – very rarely do I get the chance to take a photo when I’m at the wheel. But twice in the last week I was held up at lights and a train cross road and grabbed out my camera to capture an image I thought could be worth it.

From the car_1I didn’t even get the time to roll down the window for this one but I kind of like the ghost effect in it – it mirrors the water marks on the concrete. I was drawn to the lines in the space under the motorway.

From the car_2I was waiting at a train crossing (a long wait) but wished I’d framed this a little better and got more of the tree in it – I know I can find this spot again but whether I’ll be able to stop in the exact spot again whilst the train crossing is closed is another thing. I did get to roll down the passenger window for this one … plenty of time. Once again this was about the lines but in a different way – clouds, branches, fence and landscape. This second photo I can probably use as a basis for a drawing.

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Western Sydney Parklands

One afternoon last week, we decided to go and explore some walking tracks in a part of the Western Sydney Parklands not too far from home.

The Parklands stretch for 27 kilometres from Quakers Hill to Leppington, forming a corridor of green in our Western Suburbs. The Parklands Trust are developing the areas to make then family friendly, and also great areas to exercise.

The area we visited also has a dog park to run your dogs off their leads. It was too dark by the time we got back to that part of the area to take pictures, but I have taken a couple.

WS Parklands_2These were taken about 4pm. Our days are getting shorter and colder now (finally!) and it was quite cool.

WS Parklands_3All the tracks have been prepared for walking and riding which is great, but we were pretty much the only ones there at this time in the afternoon, except for a few dog owners, giving their dogs a run.

WS Parklands_4This part of the parklands is quite near a residential development (a new one) and the people living there have an access walkway. How great to call this your backyard.

WS Parklands_1There was a small area that led to a bird hide. I really liked the shadows in these trees and thought I’d try them in black and white.

Seed podsDon’t ask me what these seed pods are on – I have no idea. It’ll be an Australian native, at least I know that much! 🙂

I’ve been to a few other areas of the Parklands, now I’ll have to go and discover some more.