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Fitzroy Falls NSW

Spent an afternoon at Fitzroy Falls, NSW, near Bowral. Cloudy day with patches of sunshine so it was pretty chilly at times. We’ll go back again when the weather is a bit warmer and explore some more.



Weekend Away: Tuncurry / Forster NSW

My family and I spent the weekend about 4 hours drive up the coast from Sydney at Tuncurry. Tuncurry is a twin town with Forster, the two only separated by the bridge over Wallis Lake. It is a great place for family holidays with lots of great beaches within very close proximity to both towns and is a popular for fishing as well.

TuncurryThis photo is taken from the break wall that marks the entrance to Wallis Lake, looking back towards Tuncurry.

I have spent many holidays in Tuncurry. My parents bought a holiday place there when I was very young and we spent time there in almost every summer holiday since then (I’m not going to admit how many years!)

Main Beach, ForsterMain Beach, Forster

Nine Mile Beach, TuncurryNine Mile Beach, Tuncurry – this beach is just on the northern side of the Tuncurry break wall. The slightly odd light in the foreground is due to the fact that this was taken at 6.45am and the lights along the breakwall were still on as the sun hadn’t quite risen yet.

A very good friend of mine has family in Forster. He now lives in Germany, but returned to Australia for a few weeks. My only chance to really catch up with him was this weekend, so we packed up and headed up the coast on Friday afternoon.

Here we are in Autumn and the temps this weekend were in the high twenties – low thirties (Celcius that is) and it was extremely humid. This is not meant to be summer still! So we headed to the beach early morning and late afternoon, and spent a lot of time eating and talking in between.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the weekend:

I was up early on Saturday morning, so left the family at home and took a walk along the breakwall to catch the sunrise…

Sunrise, Forster

The colour in the sky was different in every photo I took, even if taken within a few seconds

Pink sunriseTuncurry BreakwallWaves_2 Waves_3 Waves Pink sunriseSunrise at the Breakwall Sunrise Nine Mile Beach, TuncurryMorning clouds

Near the breakwall is the Tuncurry Rock Pool, a favourite place to take kids to swim

Rock Pool from Forster Breakwall

This was taken from the Forster breakwall looking towards the Rock Pool, with Tuncurry township behind it

Rock Pool Kiosk

Rock Pool Kiosk

The Rock Pool, Tuncurry Swimmers

Every third Saturday, the Tuncurry Markets are held in a park next to  the bridge. We were lucky enough this time to be there on that weekend – I usually miss the markets.

Gourds Plants Glass

On Saturday evening we drove to One Mile Beach, Forster. There is a rainforest walk that leads to the beach, and when my daughter learnt there was a large sand dune at the beach she wanted to visit. It had been really hot all day, so at 5pm it was lovely and cool to walk along the beach.

On the beachThe sand dune is at the northern end of the beach. The waves are much rougher at One Mile Beach than Main Beach.

Sand duneSand Dune_2

Sand Dune_1 Beach Fishing Moon rise


My daughter spotted the little guy in this photo – can you find him?



Aussie Style Family Christmas

Salads were the order of the day, along with prawns, oysters, ham and turkey. Note the paper plates – no-we are not cheap, but who wants to spend the afternoon on Christmas Day washing up!
Home made Christmas Pudding – the same recipe has been used since my great-grandmother’s day
My sister-in-law makes the best trifle – her family and mine will attest to that!
Pavlova, the second best Christmas dessert, after pudding – and it is fantastic for breakfast on Boxing Day!

You will probably note the emphasis on the dessert! LOL

Christmas Lunch lasted until dinner time, and a great day was had by all! And no, we didn’t spend all day eating (even though it felt like we ate all day!), just needed some time between courses.

My daughter woke us up at 6am – thankfully I had told her the night before not to disturb us before six – she was awake from 5.30am! We spent the morning opening and then playing with our gifts before getting ready to head over to my brother’s house. I was worried I’d spend the afternoon asleep on the floor, but I managed to keep my eyes open (even if some members of my family didn’t).

The best part of Christmas – spending the day with my family. We don’t all get together that often as we all lead busy lives.  And I received a few nice presents to boot. What more could I ask for?

How did you spend your day?

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Christmas holiday

I have just returned from 12 days away up at Tuncurry on the mid-north coast of NSW. Hubby was able to come away for only 5 days of this so K. and her Granny and I stayed on for the extra days, which included a visit from K’s cousins for a couple of days.

We spent much time at the beach (as did everyone else in town), had lots of walk (most of them at the beach) and ate lots of yummy food.

But I’m glad to be home.

Now it’s time to start getting things ready for K. to start school in a couple of weeks, to put together the second newsletter for the My local art group, and to do lots of painting as there are a few shows coming up in Feb and March.

Here are some pics from the holiday (no painting pics or crafty pics as I had a little break from that too)…

Seen on our first early morning walk to collect fresh bread and the papers
A group of kids built this great sand castle, only for a little pest
to come along and knock it down in the few minutes they were away from it
One of the many and varied dogs we saw on our travels. K loves dogs
so we had to ask to pat every one we saw
Just a ‘few’ people at the Rock Pool
We had some great weather, mixed in with some overcast days – 
but that was okay as it gave us an excuse to laze around reading and playing
Even the bad weather days were  fine enough to be out walking and
collecting shells on the beach
I love these beach paths down to 9 Mile Beach, so did K!

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Happy Halloween

Tonight, for the very first time, I went trick or treating. K. has been asking about Halloween for a while now so I asked an American friend of mine if she was doing anything for Halloween. She asked us to join her and her friends for trick or treating and a Halloween party.

K. had so much fun, and so did we. There were about 15 kids in our group going from house to house (any houses in the area put out a pumpkin or other halloween paraphernalia to let the kids know that they were taking part in trick or treating) between the ages of two to six. It was lovely to hear them calling trick or treat as they approached a friendly door. (K. was dressed up as Snow White and was very pleased when someone commented how beautiful she looked as we passed them on the street).

One house in particular went all out with decorations on the roof, the garage door and the family were dressed up and handing out sweets and stickers in the front yard. The kids loved it.

And then at the Halloween Party my friend carved a pumpkin, getting the kids involved helping her to remove the ‘pumpkin guts!’ What a fun night. I’ll celebrate Halloween again next year for sure!

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Australian Museum, Sydney

Another school holiday outing to the Museum, which I haven’t been to since I was in high school (most probably on a school excursion). K. was most excited to see the dinosaur bones, and I must admit I was too.

The Australian Museum is really kid oriented. K. had a great time finding all the things you can touch and play with around the museum. She’s a little too old for the kiddie play area, but that doesn’t stop her wanted to explore it. And the search and discover area where you can touch bones and fossils and dead animals was a favourite. But the most favourite were the computer screens in the dinosaur area (where you can create and colour your own dinosaur) and the insect world exploration in the discovery area. There were queues for the computer screens in every area. And she was fascinated by the skeletons and bones.

I must admit that the best bones display I’ve ever seen was at te Papa in Wellington where they have an X-ray room full of all kinds of bones, but the Museum is so well set up for kids to explore.

K. brought along one of her many puppy dogs and he enjoyed the visit too!

Here are some images from the day…

K. had the most fun with these skulls. She had them lined up as mummy, daddy, and children, and had us moving their jaws (wired to move) and talking to her as the skulls. It was hilarious and lots of fun. She has no qualms about handling skulls and bones!