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New granny square blanket

This blanket has taken me way too long to complete. It started out as a stash buster and ended up needing more yarn than planned, increasing my stash rather than busting it.

The 8 single colour squares is where it started, with the light green surround and then a single row of dark green double (UK) crochet. I loved the look of the squares with the two greens, and got completely stuck trying to work out what colour to put around them. I created the central square with all of the colours to anchor them together, but still couldn’t see what colour would work and I really wanted to keep the dark green.

When I was writing short stories, I was told to ‘kill your darlings,’ in other words, just because you like it a lot it doesn’t mean it works. So the dark green had to go.

With a new, fresh look at the squares I knew what I wanted to do. From then on the work went quickly. Granny square blankets don’t really take ages to make but this one felt like it took years. In real time hours, it probably took two to three weeks. I started the squares back in January! The final row around the outside is crab stitch which gives a lovely finish to the blanket. I’m not a scallop gal, plain, simple and a bit contemporary for me.

I was going to donate this or give it away, but now I think I will keep it. I can’t keep every blanket, but some are special. And my daughter wants it too… I’ll see about that!
Now I am really working on a stash busting blanket…

Same colours, simple pattern. I will make some lap blankets and donate them to a local craft group where the funds they make from selling these will go towards charity projects in the local area. These are good to do when I sit down at night after dinner and put my feet up for a while. A few rows at a time and it will be completed very quickly.