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A little bit of crochet

I have had a go at some fine crochet for the first time. I picked up a really pretty variegated ball of Katia Jaipur mercerised cotton (whites, pinks and mauves) and a 1.75mm Clover crochet hook.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this, so I hunted though some old crochet books my mum gave me to use. I found this one…

I found a pet tern inside for a small doily and got started. The Clover hook definitely made it easier. I have some old fine hooks but there is no way I’d have been able to use them as easily as this. I decided to modify the final row as I didn’t like that row of the pattern and how it looked.

It still needs to be blocked and the yellow lights tonight have changed the colours a bit, but I am really happy with my first ever doily!! I love that the colours give it a more contemporary feel.

Now I just have to work out how best to block it out to get the shape right.



Cotton Crochet Blanket

Thought I would finally post some pics of the blanket I made for my daughter. I used two different cottons for this blanket – Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton and Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted Cotton.

I had the Blue Sky Alpaca in the bright purple and pink in my stash and was at the local wool shop and found the Lion Brand on sale (they were clearing it out I think). I then had to source some more of the cotton and found it via Yarn Over, an online store who were great and ordered it in specially for me.

Ks Blanket Ks Blanket_2 Ks Blanket_3This is a really heavy blanket but it is so soft it is so nice to handle. It is about the width of a single bed but not as long – perfect on the end of a bed to keep warm on winter’s nights.

My daughter loves it and that is the most important thing. (If she didn’t I’d have kept it for myself!)


Crafting Jellyfish

More crochet folks, but at least something new…a jellyfish (well two really!)

Jellyfish_April 2013_web(I took the pic at night with the flash and it has washed out the blues a bit – a much nicer colour in daylight)

I had seen a few around on the net, and when I wanted to make something to say thank you to Cindy (who painted the wonderful watercolour E for me) I decided to have a go at making one. Cindy loves jellyfish, you see.

I found a couple of free patterns, worked out how they were done and then tweaked away and made these. Well, actually, I made the blue one, in a lovely variegated blue cotton from Sugar & Creme. My daughter, who seems to love anything I make (she is the one who wanted all of the owls I made) requested a jellyfish too. So a couple of hours later and the pink one was made, with its own variations.

It has been school holidays here so I haven’t been doing much art or craft, just sneaking bits and pieces where I could in between play dates and outings and family visiting. Back to school today so I can get back to work again!


Freeform Crochet – Cream

I’ve completed another scrumble, this time in a creamy beige colour. The yarn I’ve been using is some left over organic cotton (Lion Brand and Blue Sky Alpaca) which is quite a large ply yarn. It is really beautiful to work with. I have a few other colours so I am going to make a few more single colour scrumbles before I get any more adventurous with the freeform crochet.

2_freeform_webThis is only made up of two pieces but it has several different variations of stitch in it. I really like the shape of it and I love that it was completely unplanned again.

The two pieces I have made so far sort of fit together…

Two pieces_web…a bit like a jigsaw puzzle (I love puzzles!)

Sorry about the poor picture – bad lighting and I just wanted to get a picture right now as I was too impatient!

Stay tuned for the next piece in the puzzle!

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Crochet: Trialling Market Bags

I remember when I was a kid, my mum had crocheted straw market bags with plastic ring handles. They were all the rage (does that date me?)

I much prefer cotton to straw so, with some leftover heavy weight cotton I decided to see if I could find a great market bag to make. After searching around the net I found a couple of patterns, chose one I liked the look of and started crocheting.

MarketBag1_webI started with the teal, ran out and then had to try and match another leftover. The purple variegated works okay for the handle.

I then turned to a colour I had purchased but never really liked…

MarketBag2_web…showed it to a girlfriend who loved it and she now has this to test out for me and give me feedback on how well this cotton performs as a market bag.

The teal one has gone to my mother, who loves bags, even more so if she can brag that her daughter made it!

But silly me, now I can’t test one out, so I’ll have to make another. I didn’t even measure it so I can share dimensions, so when I’ve made mine and started using it I’ll share the results.

Oh, and by the way, when I was searching through my mother’s stash of craft supplies I found packets and packets of ribbon straw (or raffia) just waiting for me to use for market bags! Do you think the raffia crochet market bag will come back in to fashion, or should I give it a miss? (I even discovered some of the old plastic handles that my mother had hoarded away)

Aah, the 70s (I was really young then…really!) The first record I was given was in the 70s – it was the Bay City Rollers. I still have that album, how sad is that? One of my grandparents or someone like that gave it to me for Christmas. My brother was given the same album, which he donated to me as it was waaaaay too embarrassing for him to keep once he was older, and years later (in the 90s) I donated it to a charity stall – it was the first album sold that day.

But that is it for sharing my embarrassing history. Hopefully there won’t be any future installments.

(PS. did you notice I didn’t say I was going to get rid of that second copy of the album now???!)


On holidays

Happy New Year to all!

Things have been quiet on the art front since the school holidays began, and prior to that it was the rush to get organised for Christmas. That included all the school activities including presentation day (my daughter received an award – yay!), and making chocolate shortbread for all K’s teachers (18 in all – including guide leaders and piano teacher). There was something on everyday in December – none of them to do with art, more’s the pity.

But I have been creating in other ways – mostly in crochet (something I can do anywhere, anytime, and I don’t need to have all my concentration on it).

So here are a few of the things I have made, some finished, some still works in progress…


I completed a blanket as a gift for a friend for Xmas/birthday in December, and made another crochet bag for my daughter


Over a cuppa with a friend I taught myself how to make this flower in crochet


I had some beautiful organic cotton, some from Blue Sky Alpacas, and decided to start a blanket for my daughter. She keeps wanting to pinch mine so thought I’d better make one just for her. This is the start of it – quite a few granny squares still needed

Orange green mitre_1

I started this mitre square blanket in winter and finally finished it in December

Orange green mitre_2

Once I’d finished this I then crocheted an edge around it. My husband has laid claim to this one for winter


Using some left over 10ply (4ply US) cotton I have started a scrap rug of flowers. Will probably make a runner for the end of the bed or something like that. Will wait and see how it grows

Only a couple more weeks of holidays and then everything will settle back down again… I hope.

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Berry Tote Bag: made in half a day

My daughter has had a gastric bug since 4am Friday morning, although today she is well on the mend. Yesterday, while she was quietly recovering I browsed the net to find some new crochet patterns. I came across a few tote bag patterns that seemed quite easy. I found a pattern on Lion Brand yarn’s website – a few modifications and half a day later, and I have completed my Berry tote bag…

It is made in Peaches and Creme Cotton (no longer available which is a pity). It is a heavy weight cotton used a lot for dishcloths. I only had two balls of the variegated colour but luckily had some purple that toned quite well to make the handles. The original pattern had a much longer bucket, was striped and had a thinner handle. I much prefer the sturdier handles. The bag tucks nicely under my arm, but I would probably make the handles a little longer next time.

I love the feel of the heavy cotton which will make it lovely to use. My daughter asked if she could have it please. She asks me that every time I make something new. I think I need to make two of everything or else I’ll never get to use them. Or I could just say ‘No’ 🙂