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A little bit of crochet

I have had a go at some fine crochet for the first time. I picked up a really pretty variegated ball of Katia Jaipur mercerised cotton (whites, pinks and mauves) and a 1.75mm Clover crochet hook.

I had no idea what I was going to do with this, so I hunted though some old crochet books my mum gave me to use. I found this one…

I found a pet tern inside for a small doily and got started. The Clover hook definitely made it easier. I have some old fine hooks but there is no way I’d have been able to use them as easily as this. I decided to modify the final row as I didn’t like that row of the pattern and how it looked.

It still needs to be blocked and the yellow lights tonight have changed the colours a bit, but I am really happy with my first ever doily!! I love that the colours give it a more contemporary feel.

Now I just have to work out how best to block it out to get the shape right.



New granny square blanket

This blanket has taken me way too long to complete. It started out as a stash buster and ended up needing more yarn than planned, increasing my stash rather than busting it.

The 8 single colour squares is where it started, with the light green surround and then a single row of dark green double (UK) crochet. I loved the look of the squares with the two greens, and got completely stuck trying to work out what colour to put around them. I created the central square with all of the colours to anchor them together, but still couldn’t see what colour would work and I really wanted to keep the dark green.

When I was writing short stories, I was told to ‘kill your darlings,’ in other words, just because you like it a lot it doesn’t mean it works. So the dark green had to go.

With a new, fresh look at the squares I knew what I wanted to do. From then on the work went quickly. Granny square blankets don’t really take ages to make but this one felt like it took years. In real time hours, it probably took two to three weeks. I started the squares back in January! The final row around the outside is crab stitch which gives a lovely finish to the blanket. I’m not a scallop gal, plain, simple and a bit contemporary for me.

I was going to donate this or give it away, but now I think I will keep it. I can’t keep every blanket, but some are special. And my daughter wants it too… I’ll see about that!
Now I am really working on a stash busting blanket…

Same colours, simple pattern. I will make some lap blankets and donate them to a local craft group where the funds they make from selling these will go towards charity projects in the local area. These are good to do when I sit down at night after dinner and put my feet up for a while. A few rows at a time and it will be completed very quickly.


Granny Stripe Baby Blanket – ready to wrap

I’m very happy this project is complete in plenty of time before the baby is due. My mum is giving this as a gift to a friend’s daughter. I had to buy a little extra yarn than I originally thought, but I wasn’t going to leave this without a really nice edge.

Baby Blanket_Aug 2014_web

I think this will look really pretty on a baby’s cot.

The other end of the blanket is a mirror image, with a four row stretch of white in the centre. This is the first time I’ve attempted this type of blanket – it stitched up really quickly.

Completed using Panda Super Soft Acrylic (and it really was!). Lovely to work with, soft to snuggle in (the blanket that is). Didn’t really want to give this one away, but kinda had to – Mum paid for the yarn!


New Project- Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

My mum asked me if I could make a baby blanket for the granddaughter of a friend. I hunted around but couldn’t find a pattern that we liked, so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Their are some fantastic designs out there, so settled on the granny stripe and developed a pattern from there.

As it’s a girl, colours were easy but we were constrained by budget. Would have liked to make it in cotton as it is a September baby, but a bit too expensive for mum. But I found a really soft, pretty acrylic – Panda Magnum Soft 8ply. It is lovely to work with and comes in 100g balls.

Here is a sneak peak of what I’ve done so far…


Normally with 8ply I would use a 4mm crochet hook, but it used up the yarn too quickly, so I switched (after much undoing… lol) to a 4.5mm hook, less stitches and voila, a pretty baby blanket, just a little looser in the stitches. I’m going to revisit the granny stripe blanket again and use the 4mm with 8ply as I did love the look of the close stitches; it made this yarn look like it had a wonderful sheen to it.

I’ll post a finished picture once it is completed.

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Crochet catch-up

Things have been very quiet on this blog for a while as I settle into a new job. But I have been crocheting quietly in the background. Here are some pics of a couple of the projects I’ve completed over the last few months.

Goodie Bags_June 2014_web For my daughter’s birthday I made seven goodie bags for her girlfriends. Each bag was filled with goodies and then they got to keep the bag as a gift as well! Making the tassles was the hardest part!

A friend asked me to make a couple of hot water bottle covers for her, so I designed a pattern for myself, one using variegated yarn and the other I used up some left over wools and made striped of blue, cream and aqua (it looked great but I forgot to take a pic of that one). Here is the other one…

Hottie Bottle Cover April 2014I have also completed a blanket and made a jellyfish (see this post for ones I made previously) to give to my cousin for her birthday. So have kept playing with yarn in the evenings and sometimes at work during lunch.

My next project is a baby blanket that my mum has asked me to make for her to give to a friend. Have chosen the yarn and pattern, now to get started.


Off to Market…

Tomorrow I’m off to a my local Art & Craft group to take part in the Open Day and Markets. I’ll be demonstrating (soft pastels and drawing) and I will also have a stall to sell a few of the things I’ve been making over the last month or so.

My blog has been quiet lately as I have had to go back to almost full time work (33.5 hours). As I haven’t worked for ten years this has been a bit of a shock to the system and has meant little or no time for art. Once things settle down I will get back into drawing again, but for now, things will be a little quiet on the art front.

But I have been crafting…

Bags_Oct 2013_webThe retro ribbon straw bags all have cotton handles now and I’ve made a couple of cotton tote bags as well.

Xmas Decorations Oct 2013_webI’ve made lots of Xmas decorations for the tree and a couple of brooches, so hopefully they will sell.

But whatever happens, it will be a fun day as I’ll catch up with all the friends I haven’t had time to see over the last month or so.

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Only xx more days until Christmas

By xx of course I mean I have no idea and I don’t want to even think about it yet!

But it can’t be helped, especially if you want to make presents for people, and craft takes time, so here I am starting to make goodies for Xmas.

SAMSUNG SAMSUNGExcuse the quality of the pics, they were taken on my phone in poor light, but you can see what I’ve been making so far. Still have to stitch the ends in and block them, but they are cute.

So far I’ve made three icicles and one large and two small trees from one 50g ball of Moda Vera Gelato (50% cotton, 50% acrylic), which is really nice to work with, and used a 2.5mm crochet hook. I probably still have enough to make another small tree. I’m going to try adding beads as Xmas baubles to the next tree I make to see if that works. I’m also making a few Xmas brooches with flowers or holly – not sure yet how they will turn out.

We have a craft market coming up at my local community art & craft group at the end of October so I think a few of these on the stall will sell.

I just have to learn how to block crochet now, which I haven’t done before. That will be interesting. Those kindergarten learnt gluing skills should set me up well for that.