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Mixed Media Girl, part 2

In my last post I included a pencil outline of the girl I am working on in mixed media collage. This week at class I started adding colour and some paper collage.

It was a really interesting process. Using water soluble crayons in three colours I coloured in the background. Then I added a layer of slightly watered down gesso to activate the crayons. The colours were too vibrant and needed to be pushed back a little, so I added a thicker gesso and blended the colours until they almost turned pastel. It was interesteing to see what happened to the vibrant yellow/orange, crimson and purple once the gesso did it’s work on them.

The face was done the same way, only it was one colour at a time. A pale skin pink, followed by small amounts of an orange and a rust brown and inbetween each colour a coat of gesso working the colours to liquid from crayon.

I only managed to get the first colour for the hair on with a quick coat of gesso. I look forward to seeing how the hair turns out once the other colours are added.



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Zentangle Inchies

As part of the BF2C Group, I took on the challenge to create zentangle inchies, one inch square zentangle in any media, on any chosen surface. We were to create 3 different zentangles for each person taking the challenge. As there were 7 people involved, we had to create 7 lots of 3 inchies, 21 in total!


Zentangle Inchies_1_web

I decided to use watercolour paper as I was going to experiment with watercolours and waterproof pens. I drew up the grid and started zentangling! I decided to do a triptych of zentangles based on one of my favourite Japanese prints.

Zentangle Inchies_2_web

Once the initial drawings were all complete it was time to add watercolour. I used my Kohinoor watercolours for the first time. It was fun to play with them. Using one colour at a time I worked my way down each column of inchies, gradually adding the colours. There was no real plan, I just used colours that felt right. There was no right or wrong colour to choose really.

Zentangle Inchies_4_web

The end result turned out better than I expected. And it was fun to complete!

They are all in the post. Now I just have to wait for my little parcels of inchies to arrive, and then work out how to display them all together.

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Starting from scratch

It has been ages since I have been on my blog, and just as long since I have done any painting/drawing. Returning to full time work really puts a dampener on the creative spirit.

But tonight I finally got back to something creative. I have joined a class all about mixed media and journalling, just to get back to some basics and find my creative way again.

The class is run at my local arts & crafts group and is run by the wonderful Tania, from BFree2Create. We are working on H2O journal, which covers anything to do with water media.20160512_202951

She started me doing some basic colour exercises using water soluble wax pastels. It was very relaxing and fun. Hadn’t used this type of pastel before. Very easy to use. Still have a bit to finish on these two pages but had to wait for them to dry.


Next we moved onto blind contour drawing. I haven’t done that since I first started drawing classes about 10 years ago. The drawing of the cutting worked better than my hand, which is looking quite deformed. But then a little bit of watercolour wax pastel colour improves the markings on the page!

We are using A3 pages folded in half to make the journal. Tania is going to teach me how to bind the pages together, which is going to be really useful.


Next onto modified contour drawing, where you draw until you reach a point where you need to move your pen to a new starting point, which is when you can look at the drawing again to place the pen..


Still life modified contour drawing of the jar of pencils on the table in front of me. Finishing touches to be added next week.

Watercolour is not something I have spent much time on as my focus was always soft pastels, so the exploration of water media through this journal should be an interesting journey.

And the fact that I am in a room with a group of artists is a plus too. I have missed that camaraderie of spending time with creative people.






Beagle Pup… time to rest it

I feel like I’ve been working on this pup for ages (and yes it has been ages as I have had long breaks in between working on it) so I need to lay down the pastels on this one, put it aside and find something new. I can see where I still need to work. It won’t take long, but I just need to stop.

Beagle Pup_wip5_web

If I keep working on it I think I will ruin it, turn it into mud. So in a few months I will revisit it and decide if I want to pick it up again.

So last Saturday, instead of wrecking this, I pulled out some charcoal and just sketched. It is rough but that is what this was all about. I wanted to get something on paper and play, not worry if the detail wasn’t right, not think about straight lines and perspective (at least not much), forgetting about perfection.

Irene's Pickles_webIt is unfinished, scrappy, crooked, smudged, and it was so much fun to do. I think the Beagle had lost the fun and I needed to find it again.

There is lots more I could do with this but you know what? it is just a sketch.



Soft Pastel: Beagle pup – work in progress#2

Finally found time to go back into the studio to work on the beagle pup. Home and work commitments kept me away too long!Beagle Pup_wip2 eyes_web

As the sketch was already complete (see previous post – Work in Progress#1)  I started with the eyes. In this shot the eye on the viewer’s left is still not quite there, but the right one looks spot on.

Here is a shot taken an hour or so later on the same morning…

Beagle Pup_wip2_web

Getting the nose right was tough (it is a mix of blue, teal, purple, black and grey, the only really pure black in the darkness of the nostrils), very hard to see it in the reference photo. Starting to rough in some of the darks (green of all things!). I had to put in a bit of the white so I could see some contrast. I really happy with this so far. I really enjoy the ‘first draft’ stage. It looks so ugly and (hopefully) you end up with something beautiful (and not mud!!!).

I am thrilled with how well the reflections show up in the pup’s eyes.


St Bartholomew’s – Soft Pastel work in progress

I’ve been absent from my blog for a while now. To recap, my mum was sick, had to have an operation and is now on the mend. So, for me that means I can start to get back on with the normal things in my life, which most importantly means I get to play with pastels again. I was also back at my local art space today which was fun as I caught up with a lot of my friends there.

Drawing again means revisiting and continuing work on the drawing of St Bartholomew’s. More progress made today. I’ve added quite a bit more white as I needed to see what difference it made and can then see what else needs to be done.

St Barts_9_webI’ve gone in a little too bright in a couple of spots which I need to tone down and I can see where I need to work next to bring a few more darks in. Still not happy with the way the grass is sitting but I’ll work it out. And now sitting here looking at the photo I can see I need to add some more shadows in front of the gravestones to ground them some more.

The never-ending drawing still continues, but hopefully for not much longer…


Pug drawing up for auction

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks. My mum had to be rushed to hospital and after a stay of a week and a half and a pretty major operation she is home. Much relief all round and I no longer have to spend each day at the hospital. Just a visit every day or so to keep her in groceries and sanity I think!

One good thing that has happened though is that my Pug drawing is up for auction. Saffron on the Hill in Victoria, Australia, is a pug and animal rescue/refuge. A friend of mine loves pugs and introduced me to SOTH earlier this year after a visit she made to them and she filled me in on the wonderful work they do to rescue badly treated dogs.

I drew the Pug especially for them to auction to raise money. To quote their FB page “Saffron on the Hill Dog Rescue Inc is a Not-for-profit organisation that rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs. We fund our work through the sales of our dog accessories, auctions, fundraiser events and through voluntary donations.” Please check out their website, blog or Facebook page.

Pug, 2013

Pug, 2013

I believe it is only open to Australian Residents and will be open until the 25th August. The auction is happening via the SOTH Facebook Page. Here is a link to the auction if you’d like to take part. It is for a really great cause.

UPDATE: 26 August… The painting went for $700 so I’m really happy. They’ll be able to buy a lot of doggie biscuits with that!