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Mixed Media Girl, part 2

In my last post I included a pencil outline of the girl I am working on in mixed media collage. This week at class I started adding colour and some paper collage.

It was a really interesting process. Using water soluble crayons in three colours I coloured in the background. Then I added a layer of slightly watered down gesso to activate the crayons. The colours were too vibrant and needed to be pushed back a little, so I added a thicker gesso and blended the colours until they almost turned pastel. It was interesteing to see what happened to the vibrant yellow/orange, crimson and purple once the gesso did it’s work on them.

The face was done the same way, only it was one colour at a time. A pale skin pink, followed by small amounts of an orange and a rust brown and inbetween each colour a coat of gesso working the colours to liquid from crayon.

I only managed to get the first colour for the hair on with a quick coat of gesso. I look forward to seeing how the hair turns out once the other colours are added.




New Project- Granny Stripe Baby Blanket

My mum asked me if I could make a baby blanket for the granddaughter of a friend. I hunted around but couldn’t find a pattern that we liked, so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration. Their are some fantastic designs out there, so settled on the granny stripe and developed a pattern from there.

As it’s a girl, colours were easy but we were constrained by budget. Would have liked to make it in cotton as it is a September baby, but a bit too expensive for mum. But I found a really soft, pretty acrylic – Panda Magnum Soft 8ply. It is lovely to work with and comes in 100g balls.

Here is a sneak peak of what I’ve done so far…


Normally with 8ply I would use a 4mm crochet hook, but it used up the yarn too quickly, so I switched (after much undoing… lol) to a 4.5mm hook, less stitches and voila, a pretty baby blanket, just a little looser in the stitches. I’m going to revisit the granny stripe blanket again and use the 4mm with 8ply as I did love the look of the close stitches; it made this yarn look like it had a wonderful sheen to it.

I’ll post a finished picture once it is completed.