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Mixed Media Girl, part 2

In my last post I included a pencil outline of the girl I am working on in mixed media collage. This week at class I started adding colour and some paper collage.

It was a really interesting process. Using water soluble crayons in three colours I coloured in the background. Then I added a layer of slightly watered down gesso to activate the crayons. The colours were too vibrant and needed to be pushed back a little, so I added a thicker gesso and blended the colours until they almost turned pastel. It was interesteing to see what happened to the vibrant yellow/orange, crimson and purple once the gesso did it’s work on them.

The face was done the same way, only it was one colour at a time. A pale skin pink, followed by small amounts of an orange and a rust brown and inbetween each colour a coat of gesso working the colours to liquid from crayon.

I only managed to get the first colour for the hair on with a quick coat of gesso. I look forward to seeing how the hair turns out once the other colours are added.



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H2O Journal contined

Class again this week and it was fun. Mostly because I learnt how to bind a journal together using coptic stitch (I think that’s right).

Coptic binding 1_web

The stitch looks great and was quite easy to learn. I want to try this and make a few other journals in different sizes.

I also fixed the front and back cover to reduce the amount of paint on them so they look more distressed than badly painted!

Once I finished binding it was onto the next exercise, but first, to finish up the colour palette page for the wax pastels

wax pastels update_web

The new exercise this week was to use Aqua colour markers. Tania brought in a small plate and some fresh strawberries and I was to draw with the markers straight onto the page, no sketching first.

2016 Jun 02_web

It sort of looks like a plate of strawberries. Not my favourite medium, but I can’t rule them out until I’ve tried them some more.

And in a side note, I have seen this fantastic photo of a dog that I want to draw with pastels. Haven’t felt inspired for a while so hopefully I can get some time to work on that.





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Drawing – or is it painting?

We are working on a drawing/painting using ‘rare tints’ as our teacher puts it – complementary colours mixed together and then a lot of white added, in a similar way to Jasper Johns (the inspiration for this project). We also have to use text in the drawing/painting, something that means something to us – a word or a phrase, a poem or anything else we wish to use. And we need to use a grid or pattern.

We are doing an underpainting in acrylic and then using either soft pastel or oil pastel over the top. We have to use rare tints throughout and then some pure colour in small amounts.

My first drawing/painting will use purple and yellow. I had to mix together several tints – one with some yellow mixed in and lots of white, one with more purple and one with even more yellow, and ended up with this…

…which doesn’t look like much so far. Next step will be to add the word I am going to use, using soft pastels or oil pastels. I used a palette knife to apply the colour, which I haven’t done before. There was certainly less control over where the paint went in some ways, but that could just be because I haven’t used one before. I think that was actually a good thing.

I will have to do some experimenting this weekend to see if I can create rare tints using soft pastels or if I will have to use the oil pastels. My teacher doesn’t think I will be able to do this with soft pastels, but I really want to use them so I am going to see what I can come up with.

A1 size, on watercolour paper (300gsm)

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Painting – Mixed Media Portrait – Complete

Today was the last day at TAFE for this semester. We are now on a 4 week break. We all had to hand in our work from class for mid-year assessment this afternoon, which was organised chaos!

Before handing in our work, I still had a couple of hours of painting class to finish this portrait. The teacher had some great suggestions so I was able to fix a couple of things I was unhappy with. It is still not exactly what I would like in a portrait but I am quite pleased with it.

Next Friday we go back to TAFE in the afternoon to collect all our work, but other than that I can now relax and not think about art for a few weeks. My brain definitely needs the down time!

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Painting – Mixed Media Portrait – Major work (episode 2)

Continued to work on the portrait today for a couple of hours. I finished the watercolour on it yesterday and started using pastel today.

This is the final watercolour layer.

I’ve used pastel in the background and on the figure and face. Probably need some more layers of colour in the hair.

I didn’t like the pastel background so went over it with water and I’m much happier with the way it looks. I also added water to the shirt, so now only the face and hair have straight pastel, and I much prefer that.

I’ve had a lot of trouble with the eyes and mouth – which just shows that I do prefer to work with a detailed drawing beforehand. The angle of the subject makes the mouth very hard to see properly, and it is such a weird angle. And at least she doesn’t have crazy eyes, they’re just not quite right yet.

Here is a close up of the face as it is now. The mouth sort of disappears into the cheek behind it and there is not much difference in the tone between the two, which makes it difficult to draw.

I’ll take this into class on Friday and I’m sure my teacher will have some very useful suggestions to finish this.