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Playing at Art Class

Have had some fun in the last couple of weeks at my BF2C art class.

Created a faux stained glass painting using hot glue and oil pastels…


We worked on this to break up the time spent in our H2O journal. We also started  a simple 4 page journal (A3) for which I have done the initial drawing…


Before I start working on this I thought I would have a play with this style of drawing and use the water soluble wax crayons to test out how best to use them…


I need to play with them to get the blending a bit smoother so not so many dark lines around the face.

I also found time over the weekend to do some sketches in my personal journal of bees…


It is the first time in ages I have sat down and sketched or painted on the weekend. I even got some chores done before I sat down! Time to cook dinner though now, so have to put the paints away. Awwwww!!!! lol



Daily Sketches: Catch up time

The last few days has seen us take one cat to the vet for a two night stay (ouch to the wallet!), K and I had a pyjama day at home playing and reading (one of her favourite things to do in the holidays – and any chance she gets!), got some essential shopping done for return to school, and I finished reading the latest Elizabeth George Inspector Lynley novel. Doesn’t sound like much when I write it down, but it took a lot of time to do not very much! Just perfect for a holiday.

I will not feel guilty for not  posting my sketches – I will revel in my laziness!

But I will catch up! Here ’tis…

The last of the Christmas Chocolate – I sat down to eat this with a cup of tea and thought I’d sketch it first. Luckily I drink my tea black so it needed to cool down anyway.

I haven’t done a lot of life drawing, so this was a challenge for me – especially as I did it in pen and not in graphite (so I can rub it out and correct it endlessly, perfectionist that I am). Lots of things wrong with this, but it is practice, which is what this is all about for me.

Quick graphite sketch of my left hand.

Some more faces from life in Zig Millenium sepia pen – the top left one is done as a contour drawing with my left hand – the rest I can’t use that as an excuse – lol.

I also decided to have a bit more of a play with Photoshop and my Bamboo tablet – playing with colour and brushes to see what I can do and how they work. Not my greatest work 🙂 …

The soft brushes on the shrubs were too soft so they have blurred out a bit too much, and I have to play a bit more with colour and colour mixing in Photoshop – maybe I need to buy a book or watch some tutorials before I do too much! But it was fun to play with this again and they do look like shrubs!