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Zentangle Inchies

As part of the BF2C Group, I took on the challenge to create zentangle inchies, one inch square zentangle in any media, on any chosen surface. We were to create 3 different zentangles for each person taking the challenge. As there were 7 people involved, we had to create 7 lots of 3 inchies, 21 in total!


Zentangle Inchies_1_web

I decided to use watercolour paper as I was going to experiment with watercolours and waterproof pens. I drew up the grid and started zentangling! I decided to do a triptych of zentangles based on one of my favourite Japanese prints.

Zentangle Inchies_2_web

Once the initial drawings were all complete it was time to add watercolour. I used my Kohinoor watercolours for the first time. It was fun to play with them. Using one colour at a time I worked my way down each column of inchies, gradually adding the colours. There was no real plan, I just used colours that felt right. There was no right or wrong colour to choose really.

Zentangle Inchies_4_web

The end result turned out better than I expected. And it was fun to complete!

They are all in the post. Now I just have to wait for my little parcels of inchies to arrive, and then work out how to display them all together.



Zentangles again

There I was, all excited to try zentangles, and then of course I got sidetracked. But now that I am creating space in my home and life for art , I have pulled out my paper and played with zentangles again.

I’m not setting myself goals to complete one everyday or anything like that. This is mindful doodling, so when I have a mind to doodle, so I will 🙂

Tuncurry Holiday_web


This one was for my daughter

Under the Wave_web

This was inspired by Hiroshige’s Under the Wave off Kanagawa, a print I have always loved.


Drawing: First real attempt at a Zentangle

I took my Zentangle kit away with me on holidays. I was usually first awake in the mornings, so sitting in front of the wood fire with the early morning sun starting to peak over the hills, I sat and knitted or pulled out the kit and doodled away the time until the kids disturbed.

Here are the first two official Zentangles I have ever done. By official I mean that I have used the right size paper, the right pens and followed the guidelines in the handbook. Once I get the hang of those, I’ll play a little more freely than I did with these.

Feeling a little self conscious here – this one didn’t quite work

I’d prefer it if the pencil line disappeared behind the pen, or I will erase it before I do any shading. Trial and error!

The first one looks like a kidney bean in a box – not the effect I would be looking for in future! Much happier with the second one. I know there is no wrong or right with these, but I know what I like.

I’ll keep playing and see how I progress with Zentangles.



Drawing: what the heck are Zentangles?

I have been following a blog for a while – Clouds of Colour. Bec does lovely art works that are Zentangles. I had no idea what a Zentangle was, so yesterday, while recuperating from the flu I sat down and did some research on the net.

The first place I visited (via Google search) was Zentangle, home of the creators of this artform, Rick and Maria Thomas. Then whilst browsing and reading I discovered another great blog, Tangle Patterns, where the very generous Linda Farmer, a qualified Zentangle instructor, has posted many of the patterns than have been designed as part of the Zentangle process.

Photo of Zentangle artwork reprinted with kind permission of the artist, Linda Farmer of TanglePatterns.com

Zentangle “is a way of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns.” That is the first information I read about Zentangles on Zentangle.com. I have always enjoyed patterns. I used to create something like Zentangles when I was in high school, doodling on pages, creating puzzle-like images, one shape at a time.

What I think I like most about this is that anyone could do it. If you have ever doodled, you can create Zentangles.

Zentangle patterns

These are my drawings of some of the patterns I found on the Tangle Patterns website. They give you step by step instructions on how to make the patterns. It was quite meditative, sitting and drawing these, which is something the creators of Zentangles found when they started.

Zentangles remind me of why I love to sit and do cross stitch. I do one stitch at a time and end up with a beautiful picture at the end of it, only with Zentangles, it is one line at a time. I have always found cross stitch very relaxing, the repetition of the stitches leaving my mind to wander wherever it pleases. Knitting can also be a bit like that, unless you are working on an intricate pattern that requires your whole attention.

Last night, whilst watching Amazing Race Australia, I noticed a building in India that made me want to draw. It had a wall of doors. In the end I stopped watching the TV and just drew, using Zentangle patterns to fill in the spaces. I wouldn’t say what I ended up with was a work of art, but I had a lot of fun creating it and just playing.

It looks like a bit of a mess to me, but it was fun to attempt some of the patterns in ways other than small sample squares. If you want to see what a good Zentangle looks like, go to one of the web sites I mentioned before and see what the very talented artists are creating. The Zentangle blog has a great list of artists who create zentangles as part of their art practice – please go take a look.

I have a feeling this will be a great way to free up my mind before painting, to just let go and see where the pen and line take me, and lose some of my detail orientation which is part of my control-freak nature 🙂 .

I look forward to see where this may take me.